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The most confusing thing about the iPhone is that the iCloud will lock someone out without the option of rectifying the situation. If a password is forgotten or entered incorrectly, the individual no longer has access to their phone. While this situation can be remedied with Apple, most of the time people want to be able to use their phone immediately. This is not always possible by working in conjunction with Apple, so using other means is imperative.

What is DoulCi?

The iCloud Activation Lock was created to stop thieves from accessing files they were not authorized to, but thieves are not the only ones who are trying to get into locked iClouds. There is an iCloud bypass tool, called DoulCi, which was developed by hackers. The system is vulnerable within the Windows version of iTunes, and the iCloud bypass tool is capable of unlocking the activation lock after being plugged in to the PC. All that is necessary on the user’s part is adding a line of code, distributed by the hackers, to a Windows computer. This will create a pause between the information leaving the device and the servers receiving the information. By using doulCi, the iPhone will be available for the consumer to utilize once more.

Who are the Hackers?

The geniuses who created this method of bypassing the iCloud Activation Lock are known exclusively by their twitter accounts, and they are @MerrukTechnolog and @AquaXetine. It is said that they attempted to contact Apple about this security issue before releasing the information to the public, but unfortunately for Apple, they never responded. Now this method of retrieving otherwise lost data can be implemented by any individual who needs it, without them having to go through Apple.

How Does It Work?

The tool enables the user to reaccess their files and the use of their iPhone through hacking the iCloud Activation Lock. With iCloud bypass, this tool excels. It is easy to use, incredibly helpful, and completely successful. By carefully intercepting the messages being sent from the phone to the servers, the tool can create the impression that the phone is doing exactly what it should be doing. This means that the iCloud bypass is successful, because the phone is capable of performing the way the user needs it to without alerting Apple. The tool goes through iTunes to unlock the iPhone, and after the user has entered simply one line of code, readily available, the phone will be free from the chains of its iCloud lock.

You can issue commands from the computer to keep the iPhone in check. That way, bypassing the verification lock is simple and easy. This tool also keeps up with any and all Apple updates, so it does nto matter what version of the iPhone you have. It will work to unlock the system. The entire process takes less than thirty minutes to accomplish, which is much faster than waiting for Apple to aid you with this problem.

How Do I Know It Will Work?

The DoulCi website has an entire page dedicated to providing proof from users all around the world that this method is effective. It has pictures and testimonials indicating that the process was completely successful. Despite the wariness some people may have about typing in any line of code, it is evident through these individuals that even the least computer-competent individual can succeed. The website has step by step instructions and user guides for this process, despite the short nature. It is safe and effective for iCloud unlock necessities without using Apple services.

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